FTEP Course - March 22-26, 2021

Region 5 will be sponsoring the The Emergency Medical Services Field Training and Evaluation Program created by the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA).
Location: Riley County Public Works Building
6215 Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Manhattan, KS
Dates: March 22-26, 2021
Three day or five day course option.  See course description below for details.
Cost: $25 per person (lunch provided each day)
Cost due by credit card with registration, but refunded with completion of the program.
Class size: Limited to 30 people with Region 5 people having first priority.
Course description:
EMS-FTEP™ presents a structured program for transitioning new employees in to the EMS agency. It is designed and constructed to provide both the employee and the agency with the greatest possible chance of success, by providing a framework that assures employees understand, develop, and can demonstrate those skills and behaviors that the employing agency considers essential.
EMS-FTEP™ consists of two parts – a Basic Field Training Officer Course (three days) and a program management course entitled Developing and Managing the EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program (full five days). Agencies undertaking EMS-FTEP™ for the first time are encouraged to send a core group of supervisors, managers, and FTO candidates through the entire 40-hour program. Once the agency has embraced the core concepts of EMS-FTEP™, groups of FTO candidates can be integrated in to the agency program through the 3-day Basic Field Training Officer Course. EMS-FTEP courses are taught by experienced instructors whose agencies have successfully implemented EMS-FTEP for a period of years. 
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